Friday, June 11, 2010

Did She or Didn't She?

Yesterday, during my workout, one of the women said that she heard that Sarah Palin got a boob job. Palin denies it, saying she was just wearing a pushup bra. I know, who cares, right?

Nobody should but I bet people do.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blog anyway. My DH says at dinner that he heard the same thing. He doesn't think she got one. Why, you may ask? Because he checked her out during the campaign and decided hers were pretty....shall we say...substantial.

I was laughing so hard I nearly choked on my wine. It figures a man would check out the boobs on a political candidate! Is she qualified for the job? Who cares? She has a nice rack. DH says he can't help it if he notices that when he checks out a woman. Plus, he asked me, all serious like, when did she have the time? What a riot!

I say, girls, we are missing the boat. We better start checking out those Pecs and Packages on the guys we see.....I don't know about you but the next time some man runs for political office--I'm checkin' him out. Is he qualified for the job? Who cares as long as he has a ...shall we say...a substantial....package!

Anyway, I agree with the women at my gym who all agreed that if she bought a bra that makes them look that good, she should share. After all, she is such a woman of the people she probably bought it at Target or JC Penney!
I'm sure she really did get a boob job but what celebrity is going to tell the truth about that besides Joan Rivers and Heidi Montag?

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