Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

I only picked this title because it has Tipper in it and I want to talk about the Gores.

Forty years is a long, long time. Really, it is. Yay for them for making it this long.

He's been given a lot of press and prestige from his work on global warming.
She's been a mom and an advocate of parenthood...for which she gets little or no press or prestige.
Women must chase after him. He has money and power and fame.
Men probably don't chase after Tipper...after all she is a mom and she is over thirty.
I don't feel sorry for her. She might be happy as a clam to get out of the whole thing.
Maybe she is sick of sex. Remember that big sloppy one he laid on her when he ran for president or vice president? (I forget which one as I try not to think of that weirdly uncomfortable moment in our history) She seemed kinda surprised it didn't happen very often(Thank Goodness)
She'll have plenty of money and a house or possibly houses. Her kids will still love her. Maybe she'll take a lover like Jackie O...oh, sorry I mean a friend and escort.
He'll be fine fine fine...don't you worry about that. Even if she told him to take a hike for no apparent reason except that she's grown apart from him...he'll be fine. Bet he gets married within two years!
Anyway, I'll miss you Al and Tipper. You always reminded me of couples I knew in college who got together and married. You were successful and most of the time, fit and healthy. Now that you've grown apart, I am not all that surprised. I mean 40 years is a looooong time!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. 40 is a long time. We are almost there!! Feb. here we come.
So disappointed another political family splits. But God bless Tipper. She has had a few mental issues and I pray she will be strong and fine through this time of seperation from her past. Good luck to you Tipper. Bean