Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In My Opinion

You know I 've been reading the Yahoo news bits lately and boy, I sure have learned a lot from the world of entertainment to what to cook for dinner that is easy and fast. I don't ever comment on any of them. After all, that is what this blog is for!!

I read a little about Lady Gaga on Larry King's show and she sure is something. I only ever saw her on the Grammys when she played the piano and performed with Sir Elton John. I was not impressed but she could play a mean piano!!

I guess she is pretty out there because there were 9 pages of comments about the article. If you don't believe me go see it for yourself. I only read one page because the opinions were giving me a stomach ache. I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion but really folks, this is only some young girl who is in the entertainment business. You all seemed pretty riled up under the circumstances.

Why don't you get riled up about something important like the oil spill or unemployment and let Lady Gaga alone. I mean, the kid calls herself, Lady Gaga....what would you expect from her???

She isn't claiming to be Beethoven or even the fifth Beatle for that matter. So maybe she's gay..maybe she's a man(these are some of the opinions I read) so what?? That really doesn't impact us very much.

Maybe your neighbor doesn't have enough to eat today. Maybe the old lady across the street can't afford her medications. Maybe someone you love found out they have a catastrophic illness. Maybe your coworker had a huge fight with the love of her life. Maybe Al Gore and Tipper won't get back together...oh, wait I digress.

Seriously, we have a skewed idea of what's important when we spend that much time worrying about anything concerning Lady Gaga. Get a grip, folks.

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