Thursday, June 3, 2010

Golden Girl

All the Golden Girls are gone now. Rue McClanahan passed away from a stroke. We only have Betty White left and boy, she seems to have a lot left in her!

I loved the Golden Girls. I loved that Blanche was a sexpot and that Dorothy's mom called her Pussycat. I loved the made up Scandinavian words that Rose would use. I loved their clothes but not their hair styles so much.

I loved when Rose had Rhoda's dad for a boyfriend. I loved Stan--he was such a lovable schmuck. I loved how surprised Blanche always was if Dorothy was going out.

Most of all I loved Sophia. She was a hoot and a half. She claimed to have slept with every famous Italian in modern history. She was not afraid to speak up ( I always thought she used her medical condition as an excuse) and sometimes she was wise beyond words. I loved when they showed her and Dorothy's little dad.

I always loved the show because it showed that life went on as we women get older and it's still interesting and unexpected things happen. There is still humor and love. Nobody could say that these women were old and used up!

Thank you for being my friends, girls... and Betty, don't hurry off now, you hear?

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