Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things are Tough All Over

The princess of Sweden was finally wed to the man of her dreams....her personal trainer. WHAT????????????????? I know the dating scene is difficult but the only guy she could get to date her was a guy who came to her house on a regular basis to help her stay fit? She couldn't even meet an eligible prince??? What kind of royal world is it anyway?? I know there are probably slim pickings what with democracy and all, but really dropped the ball here. They could have a special page for royalty.

For that matter, they could have a secret page for celebrities. Left to their own devices, most of them do a mucked up job of picking a lover or spouse. could solve those problems with their handy bios.

Royalty and Hollywood stars wouldn't have to make up anything about themselves--ok well, maybe they lie if they say plastic surgery or botox free but who cares if they're beautiful, right?

Royalty can be butt ugly--well, that was true in the past(mmmm, can you say Richard the Third?) but nowadays they probably have to be beautiful too which is probably why the Swedish princess hired the personal trainer in the first place.

So if a beautiful, royal, heiress has trouble finding a beau what about these nice girls who sign up for What kind of chance do they have?

Oh, by the way, no offense to but that is the only dating site I'm really aware of. They have to blame their television ads.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl. The princess had anorexia and was really, really bad. Her guy was the only one who helped her kick that awful scene. I am all for marrying the man you fsll in love with--whether prince charming or joe the guy next door, or the hunk at the gym. I was sorry it took her parents so long to let her get married. I hope they have the Fairy Tale life that Diana couldn't find with Bonnie Prince Charlie. I hope Wills and Harry find a true love. Their mom would smile whether she is royal or not!! Bean