Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

When my kids were growing up, I always tried to present them with an excellent diet. I am pretty sure I did well most of the time although their favorite food was McDonald's chicken nuggets. YUK!!!

We ate meals together as a family and I presented a variety of foods.

My best invention though was the breakfast of champions.

Oh, you might think it was oatmeal with fresh berries or eggs with a good protein and plenty of juice. You'd be so wrong.

For a breakfast of champions, you need a giant glass of milk and leftover birthday or wedding cake. It all started as a joke but it stuck and we eat it to this day. Only occasionally, mind you. Not even after every birthday anymore since we don't always have a cake. We go to less weddings too.

So now BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS has become iconic in our family. Try it--I guarantee you'll like it.

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