Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am not putting any picture here.  If you were alive, you already have the picture branded on your brain.  Probably more than one.
I remember that day.  It started out pretty normal.  I had an appointment in the early morning for some therapy on tennis elbow and after I was to stop in on DH's parents and have a late breakfast with them.
As I pulled in the drive, my mother in law was standing in the doorway with the door open.  She was gesturing wildly for me to come in the house.  I didn't think I was late or anything so I wondered why was she so anxious.
She said, You better get in here.  Something terrible has happened.  I got there just in time to see the horror.  I remember the three of us standing in front of the television with mouths hanging open.  Mother in law said, you better go home.  So I did.
I called  Son at college and said come home at once.  DD was in Oklahoma at school so she couldn't come home but we spoke on the phone.
It wasn't the first time Son and I watched a tragedy together.  The day of the Oklahoma bombing, he was home for some reason and came into the bedroom and said, Mom, you better get out here.  Then we watched that horror together.
Horrible tragedies like 9/11 aren't supposed to happen to us.  Those things happen in other parts of the world and we just accept it as part of life.  When it happens to us, well, maybe we don't want it to be part of life any more.
What motivates someone to kill so many innocent people?  I have no idea.  They say that some terrorists are motivated by religious beliefs.  I don't think that is really so.  What god would want his children to kill one another?  It doesn't make sense.  I know I don't want my children to do any kind of harm to one another and I'm a mere mortal.
Really, in life, we all want the same things.  No matter where you live or how much money you have or what your religious beliefs are, we just want everything to be ok.
Just ok.
Today, pray or meditate or just think about all those souls.  I pray they are ok and that we all will be.

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