Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fashion Tips

If you are under thirty years old and in top physical condition, there is no need for you to even read this post unless you are just the curious type.
Lately, WP and I have been walking at the mall and besides all the white hair we've noticed a few fashion faux pas.  In an effort to improve the world, we highly recommend the following:

Leggings are not pants.  They are leggings, as in hosiery.  If you have bumps and lumps, this look is not for you.  Trust us.   If you do wear leggings, make sure your top covers your butt...oh, and your thighs.  DO not wear a tube top or a crop top.  Honestly, don't do it.

If you are pregnant, keep your belly covered.  DO not wear your pants under your baby bump and a tee shirt stretched over most of the rest.  No one wants to see a strip of an eight month pregnant lady's belly with stretch marks.  Really.

If you are going out at night, don't wear beach clothes.  Wear something that has a little glitz or shimmer.  DO not wear your shortest shorts and a crop top as you may be mistaken for someone who is not just out for the evening if you get my drift.  Dress like a girl and act like a lady.

If you are over 50, don't wear those polyester pants and matching top outfits.  They make you look 80.  Suck it up and get into a pair of jeans.  I may mean that literally.
As a matter of fact, try to avoid complete polyester flowered tops with sequins or rhinestones all together.

Follow these few simple rules and you will be looking better.  I promise.

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