Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Top of Spaghetti

So about a week or so ago I unthawed some spaghetti sauce and grabbed the whole wheat spaghetti to go with it.  DH and I don't eat pasta often so it was kind of a treat for us.
So I go to put the noodles in the pot and somehow the spaghetti spilled up and out of the box and all over the kitchen.   A little actually got in the pot!  Well, I had a back up box and the noodles were  dry so no problem right?
Well, first one caught on fire.  Then I had to clean up all the noodles on the stove while DH dealt with the fiery one.  Then I went to pick up the noodles on the floor.  OMG, the spaghetti was the exact same color as the flooring.  No kidding.  It took us forever to find it all.....or so  we thought.  The next day I stepped on two of them.  Then for a couple days after that either DH or I would step on a piece.
So surely now they were all gone.  HaHa on us.  I just vacuumed my floor and guess what I found?  A big whole strand of uncooked pasta just sitting in the middle of the floor!!  Really, spaghetti?   See when we eat you again.

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