Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cowardly Lion AKA Me

If you don't know it, I write a second blog on Mondays and Thursdays called Read Around Sue.  I am pretty proud of it.  I research and do my job.  I review young adult books and recommend kids' books.  I have increased my readership and it is pretty exciting.
So I got this great idea to have some guest bloggers.  I asked a friend of my DD's who is a librarian and I wanted to ask the local librarians if they would like to write something.
I had no trouble asking the friend but I have been putting off asking the librarians for almost a month.  I would start to get up and then I would sit back down.  I'd get all the way up to do it and end up roaming the stacks instead.
So today I was determined to ask.  Well, I did. I said good morning all friendly like and pitch my blog to them.  One seems a little interested and the other one looks like she wants to crack up.  I felt a little weird but I carried on.  One of them asked me what my favorite kids' books were and I told her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  It was sort of true but not precisely.  I love too many to pick. So I think my voice was shaking because I felt put on the spot. Then they asked me for the site and I said let me get you my card(which is really just a strip of paper but I was that nervous.)  I walked over to the table I was sitting at and they were no where to be found!  So I had to slink back and tell them.  And guess what?  I started out giving them the address for this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I had to start again. By the time I was done, I was a sweating ball of nerves and fear and apprehension.
I'm thinking being such a cowardly lion wasn't so bad after all.  Courage is over rated!

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