Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh, Here We Go aWandering

Well, tomorrow is the big day. DH and I are going for a big hike and he is carrying 30 lbs. in order to be ready to hike the Grand Canyon.  I will be carrying 1 lb.  Sounds fair, right?
We are going to  hike longer than we ever have in the woods.  We don't count the trek to Son's house and back as that was flat all the way.  No, this one is with ups and downs and turn arounds and requires a map.  DH is in charge of the map.  I am in charge of ....well, nothing.
I like hiking though.  I thought I would hate it but it gets you outdoors and we haven't seen any wild animals (like a bear) so it's all good.  I was never much of an outdoor girl.  As a kid, I would rather read a book.  Mom would kick me outside to "play" and I would sneak my book and sit at the picnic table.  That was my kind of playing.
I wished I could be like the other kids who rode bikes and played all day.  I just couldn't do it.  Lo and Behold!  in my middle age I discovered I have asthma!  No wonder I didn't like to be outside.  It is aggravated by allergies and by activity.  A twofer, so to speak.
Now, with my medication, I can go and have a wonderful time outdoors and I don't even have to sneak a book with me.

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