Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emmy Gowns--Hits and Misses

Well, I may as well start with the hits first.  I thought there were a lot of almost hits and almost misses so I just concentrated on my favorites.
Tina Fey looked gorgeous.  Her dress fit her flawlessly and it was a beautiful shade of blue. I loved ,loved, loved it!
Then there was a surprise for me.  Zooey Deschamel  got all dressed up ala Audrey Hepburn and she looked wonderful.  No little cotton dress for her at this show.
Kerry Washington looked lovely in a blush dress with lots of flower embellishment.  It looked a little bridal to me but she pulled it off.
In spite of myself, I found I liked the dress that Julianna Maurgulies wore.  It was different and it moved when she walked on stage and it looked really lovely.  I am not a big fan of the hair though so just ignore that.
Now when you miss, it's by a mile.  I could not believe Julianne Hough wore a sparkly,sheer dress over her bathing suit. It looked goofy in photos. I don't know how it looked in person.
Oh, Claire Danes.  You are supposed to wear a dress that isn't the same exact color as your complexion.  Plus get a bra and push those puppies up there.  I like her haircut though.
Now Julie Bowen erred on the side of embellishment.  Beautiful dress if it wasn't for the flounce and the bow thingys and all the tucks around your waist and the flounce is diagonal.  Calm down next year and wear the same color as it really suited you.
These are just my opinions.  I can't wait for ET tonight to see what they say.

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