Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fellow Book Reviewers

So listen you guys, there are an awful lot of books out there.  Some are wonderful, some are terrible and some are just okay.  I get it.  What I don't get is why you would rate a book one or two stars.  Why not just tell the author that the book isn't for you?
Everyone has different taste.  You(or me either) are not the final authority on what is good or bad out there.  These works are the author's life dream.  Many of them have spent years trying to get their book out there.  Many of them work hard every day to make  the best possible product.
Then someone like you comes along and pretty much annihilates them.  Does that make you feel good?
I know some of these authors who aren't famous or largely read.  They have talent and have written some fine stories.  It hurts them to read a lousy review especially when they have sent the reviewer the book at no cost.  Who do you reviewers think pay for those copies??? The author.  The lousy reviews I have read have been unfair and just mean.
I have a theory about the one starrers.  They are just mad that they can't write a book.  Well, too bad.  Get over it.
There are a multitude of books to read and surely you can find some to your liking and turn other people on  to those books.  Being negative doesn't help anyone.  It doesn't help a reader to choose a book and it trashes the author's efforts.
When I became a reviewer, I felt I was privileged to get a chance to see some authors I wouldn't have been exposed to before.  Not every good book is in the library.  Not every good book was written by someone famous.  I have found real pleasure in getting a chance to read the books I have.  Have I loved all of them?  No.  Did I give a one star review?  No.  I told the author that I was sorry but the book was just not for me.  Easy.  Not mean.  The author doesn't feel like they've been kicked in the face.
So come on you one and two star reviewers, find books you do like and review those.  We'll all be a lot better off.


Nancy Pennick said...

Well said!

Jenny Twist said...

I couldn't agree more, Sue. High time these trolls got a life!

Susan Gesing said...

Hey, I am happy to support you guys!