Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Dashboard

 My blog has a dashboard.  It looks kinda like this one but not exactly.  This pictue will do for my purposes.
See the graph line?  How it makes peaks and valleys?  Peaks are good.  Valleys not so much.  I like seeing peaks.  It makes me feel proud of my work when I see them.
I have noticed though that I have been looking at my Dashboard way too much.  I mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.  Like an obsession.
If I get a peak I am all excited but a valley makes me feel as low as ......well, a valley.
I wish tons of people would read my blogs but I can't force them to, now can I?
So I have made a rule.  No dashboard until the end of the day  like 5 pm EST.
What do you mean that's not the end of the day??

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