Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I don't hang out with anyone who smokes and I really don't go anywhere where people smoke....except Vegas but that is a whole entire story in itself.  You know, what happens in Vegas...
So I forget that people smoke.
I saw two babies smoking in the park a while ago.  OK, so they weren't babies exactly.  They were probably 14 or so.  And they had babies, in strollers.  And there they were puffing away.  I wanted to yell at them so bad.  I wanted to say what are you doing to yourself and what are you doing to your baby????????
They probably would have flipped me off or something so I just thought it real hard and made a mean face at them.
I saw two people this week smoking in their cars.  Really?  I didn't think anyone did that any more.  If nothing else, it devalues your car when you go to resell because of the smell.  And, oh yeah, it smells.
What really kills me though is the new electronic cigarettes.  We even have a store called 21st Century smoking or something like that.  So you can still have the addiction without the tar and other chemicals.  I hope it works for people but I think it's a little weird.
I used to be a smoker a long time ago but not when I was 14.  I did smoke in the car occasionally but I had to stop because it interfered with me being able to steer. I am kind of uncoordinated.  Once you drop a cigarette in your car while you're on the road, you have a tendency to not smoke in the car anymore!  Just sayin'.

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