Friday, September 20, 2013

That's All She Wrote

I would be very proud to write a book.  I can't do it but I would be proud.  Instead I write for my own enjoyment here on this blog.  It's a fun little hobby and I hardly ever discuss a deep subject.
I get some flack about that once in a while but I don't really care.  For me, this is an online diary.  Something my family can look back on and have a few laughs, even after I'm gone.
I get a kick out of thinking that my great grandchildren(hi, you guys) would get to kind of know me.  They aren't here yet but they will be one day.  I hope it will help my kids remember what a nut I can be or how astute I can be, really, only occasionally though.
Writing is a difficult undertaking.  First, you need a topic.  Since nothing outrageous happened to me today, I decided to write about writing.  Oh, except I saw a dog driving a car.

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