Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend With DH

DH had quite the weekend.  He took DD and I on two hikes which turned out pretty well, for me and DD at least.
The first day we had to park quite a way from the trail and there were no other cars around.  On our return, a guy with a butterfly net was there and two old gentlemen chatting in their cars side by side.
The net guy left as we sat and drank our water and ate our snack.  The one old guy left too. 
A sign by the car that was still there was right by the edge of the woods and we wondered what it said so DH went to investigate.  He came back and seemed somewhat perplexed and possibly a little embarrassed.  What in the world could have happened?
Well, first, as DH walked by, the old guy locked his car. OMG, does DH up there look like a robber or a killer to you?  For one thing, he's old too. (sorry, honey)
Then when he stepped into the forest to see if there was a path we could try sometime he said there was an old lady in there wearing a sweatshirt and what appeared to be black underpants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When DD and I stopped laughing, we figured out that the old woman was probably the wife of the car-locking guy so she wasn't lost or anything like that.
And if she was in her undies, I can't say I blame the guy for waiting in the car!  No wonder he locked it when DH came around.  He probably thinks everybody's nuts!!
And I still don't know what the sign said!

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