Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Happy Wanderer

We went on a five mile hike today, DH,DD, and me.  It was a difficult trail for Ohio which means not that difficult.  It was no Grand Canyon trail if you know what I mean.
That didn't stop us from feeling like we were conquering the world.  Especially me.
I never was an outdoors kind of girl.  Or athletic.  These hikes are showing me a different side of myself.
I am strong and a little bit brave.  I can do things I didn't think I could ever do.
DD and DH are gearing up for their trip to the Grand Canyon.  They carry 30 lb. backpacks to get ready.  I carry about 1 pound--water and trail mix in baggies.  That is about as much as I would ever carry.
Those two were kind of pitiful as we ended the hike.  Those backpacks couldn't come off fast enough.  Hope they'll be able to do it on their trip.  We haven't quite made 8 miles completely loaded up like that.
We hiked on the Buckeye Trail but only a part of it since it is 524 miles long and goes around the whole state.  We couldn't squeeze it all in today!  LOL
The whole time I wanted to burst out singing, I am a happy wanderer Valderie, Valdera, Valderie, Valderahahaha.  I learned that song in grade school and hadn't thought of it for years until today.  I stifled my urge to sing and good thing too, we passed up an awful lot of people who were also happily wandering.
If you never went on a hike because you think you are too weak or not athletic enough, I suggest you try again.  Take it easy. Go on an easy trail.  You might love it as much as I do.

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