Sunday, September 1, 2013


My sister in law just called me the matriarch of the family yesterday and sonofagun, it shook me to the core. Oh, I laughed about it but deep down it kind of scared me.
When I think of a matriarch, I picture a woman with white hair in a bun, a black silk dress and tie up shoes like my grandma used to wear.  I imagine her ruling the family with an iron fist.  She talks, they listen.  She commands, they jump.
Believe you me, I have no all.  Look at the woman in that picture.  Does she look like a black silk dress type?  And that hair is definitely not white or in a bun. The only person who jumps when I give a command is...well, me.
The bottom line is I am just the oldest.
 Rah, me.

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