Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boob Wars

Oh, I just heard that Melissa Etheridge dissed Angelina Jolie for having that double mastectomy.  She thinks it was not brave.
Melissa has had breast cancer and underwent treatment and apparently has the same gene as Angelina.
Well, in my humble opinion, she should have kept her big mouth shut.  She sounds very Judgy McJudgerson to me.  I think we should all have a choice...whatever it may be.
To say someone is not brave is unkind at best.  A double mastectomy is no laughing matter.  Plus Angelina is a Hollywood beauty.  Her beauty helps her earn a living.  Whether we like it or not, boobs play a part in that.  So to choose to lose them is a brave choice.
Melissa went through treatment and that's brave too.  Chemo is no fun.  It beats up your body and makes you ill.  It takes a long time to bounce back from a round of chemo. 
But why say that?  Why not say, that wouldn't be my choice but she has a right to protect her own body however she sees fit?
I am just a little old retired teacher but I say let's respect all women and their choices, no matter who they may be.

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