Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice, Super Moon

DH and I hardly ever go on a date, just the two of us.  Last night was an exception because it was the summer solstice and DH thought we should celebrate it.  So we did.
We went to one of our favorite wineries which has a ton of outdoor seating, entertainment and is right on the lake so it also has fantastic sunsets.  Which is why we went there.
We had a gift certificate too.  That was a real bonus because the entire evening including wine and dinner cost us ten bucks for a tip.  That's my kind of evening--almost free.
Well, we got to talking and enjoying the music and eating and guess what?  We totally missed the sunset, the reason we were even there!!!!!!!  Felt pretty good to know we still find each other that interesting after all these years!  We had to laugh that we missed it and we packed it up and headed to another favorite place, Geneva Lodge.
Had a glass there and enjoyed some music, took a walk and finally headed home.  We got home at midnight!!  Honestly, I never see midnight any more!  DH is more of a night owl so he still does but not me.
Today is supposed to be the super moon.  We are going on another date--during the day!!!  Now what is wrong with that picture?

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