Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Flasher

OK, comic book aficionados, this blog is not about THE Flash.  I just was afraid to type in"pictures of flashers"in my search engine!!  Please continue reading though if you like.
Hello, everyone.  I am here to confess that my DH is a flasher.  No, not the kind whose picture I was afraid I would get, he is a headlight flasher.  It's true.
If we are on the free way and someone in front of him is going too slow in the fast lane, he flashes them.  They are supposed to get their cans back in the slow lane.
There is one little problem.  No one under the age of fifty knows what in the heck flashing headlights mean!
I mean, these kids pass on the right.  A real no-no in our day but it's common practice on the freeway now.  I have even been known to do it myself (just once).
The funniest part of light flashing to me is that DH always has a fit that they don't know the "rule."  Well, no kidding, if they didn't budge I'd say that's a safe bet.  They don't understand your message. So just chill-ax.
It used to be that a truck driver would flash you when it was safe to get over in your lane after passing him.  Not anymore.  As a matter of fact, I'm thinking the Fed Ex drivers are trained in cutting you off at the last minute so you have to slam on your brakes.
Maybe light flashing will come into style again some day....oh, who am I kidding, no, it won't.

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