Thursday, June 13, 2013

Postcards of a Vacation

We went to Myrtle Beach last week and just got home last night.  It was a really fun trip.
Here are some things that happened to me.
On the second day, I lost all our cash, around 175 dollars.
On the third day, I got stung by 2 wasps at the same time.
On the fifth day, I found all our cash.  It was in my secret hiding place, better known as my wallet.
The good news about the wasp stings is I wasn't allergic.  Boy, those sure hurt like the dickens.  I only got stung because under the table I was sitting at, the wasps had built a nest and I had the misfortune of sitting right under it.  They were just protecting their home.  We would have never known except a little five year old boy saw it under the table later on.
I also found my money when we were visiting a winery.  It was the best winery ever and I was feeling awesome.  I even had on an awesome shirt!  I was so happy about that money I could have danced all over the winery.  I did contain myself but when we left, the owner marked my box of wine "Team Awesome."  Now isn't that awesome??
On the last day, I didn't want to go....sort of.  We really relaxed and did just what we wanted and there was no schedule.  I think I need my schedule.  I even think I like having a schedule.
Vacation is important.  You have to go and relax totally at some time or other.  Even if you can't leave home, you should take a vacation which I understand is now called a staycation.
Here is what to do:
Sleep as long as you want.
Take a walk every day.
Eat whatever you want.
Have a happy hour.
Go out to dinner or order in.  No cooking allowed.
Go to bed whenever you want.
Repeat for at least five days.
Oh, yes, one more thing---Be awesome!

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