Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kia Girls

Today, I'd like to discuss driving.  I went to Curves this morning.  The road I take for most of the trip has a limit of 25 mph.  Nobody goes that speed. I try to hover around 30 most of the time. 
This morning a car zoomed past me going about 40 and apparently the driver was too busy doing something else and didn't notice THE RED LIGHT!  It is at the driveway of a shopping center and of course, someone was coming out.  OMG, I thought, Here we go.
The speeding car slammed on its  brakes and the shopper made her turn unscathed.  If that had been me--accident, for sure. (of course, I would be the shopper)
That got my heart pumping.
When I got to Curves, my WP was already there.  She and I both drive Kia Souls.  When we walked in, a lady we hadn't seen in quite a while said, Oh, it's the Kia girls.  We proceeded to have a little chat and she left.
Now, WP and I have worked out with this woman for three years--as a matter of fact, we have worked out with a lot of the same women for three years and THEY STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT OUR NAMES ARE!
We know theirs but in our pridefulness, we never call them by name either...except a couple.  Like Carol and Diane.  They don't know our names either but they are  very chatty with us.
Don't you think they'd have learned our names by now?  They know we are both teachers, they know both our husbands work at Cleveland Clinic.  They know we both bought our cars on the same day from the same guy.  How hard would it be to learn our names???
Oh, well, at least they don't call us "The twins" any more.

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