Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Face

We recently met a whole bunch of new people.  They all were very nice to us and welcomed us into their group-- sort of.  I mean, we were temporary and they all lived there.  So nobody wanted to be our best friend but they were all friendly enough.
One man brought out food every night.  Fun, snacky stuff.  One lady brought drinks....every night..and day. Her, I liked.
My problem started when one of the women left for her condo.  The whole group started talking about her and how she was only there because her parents left her the condo and she is selfish and nobody else in the family gets to use it.  Not five minutes before, they were making plans to go out to dinner with this woman the next night.
I say if you don't like someone then don't fake like you do.  You can be polite and make conversation but don't act like they are your best friend and as soon as they leave the room start ragging on them.  It just isn't right.
I can hardly imagine what they all had to say about us after we were gone!!!  I know one thing for sure, it wasn't good.

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