Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp Out

This would be my DH's idea of heaven.  Camping in the great outdoors in our own little camper.
This is my idea of camping.  They have room service.
DH would love it if I would cook for us on the open fire.  He likes camp food,even canned potatoes.
This is my idea of an open fire meal.  Stone oven baked pizza with plenty of wine to wash it down!  Hey, there's a fire in those ovens.
This is how DH imagines us, all cuddled up in our one man tent and sharing a pillow by the light of an old lantern.
I imagine us like this.  Notice the suitcases and he is in a suit and I am in a dress.  The suitcases mean we'll be staying awhile and the clothes tell me we're going out to dinner(hopefully for that gourmet pizza and wine).
The bottom line is some of us our campers and some of us order room service. Although I've yet to meet anyone who would turn down room service!

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