Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paula, Paula,Paula

OH, I don't think Paula Deen is mean or even a bigot but ohmygosh, I do think she is dumb as a post.
She's been fired multiple times now and even her book publisher is high tailing it to the hills.  I do feel a little sorry for her except for the fact that she's a millionaire.  But I digress.
You may think I am being judgy but truly I'm not.  She just keeps saying the dumbest things.  She finally faced up to stone faced Matt Lauer and she cried and read her script very sincerely.  I was right there with her until she said" I is what I is and I'm not going to change."  Really, I is what I is????????????? Give me a break--is her last name Clampett?  Speak properly when you are being sincere.
She also claims she never intentionally hurt anyone in her life.  Well, I'd sure like to have a talk with the wife of the man she had a ten year affair with.  Probably, that woman got hurt.  And after the first nine years or so, Paula probably figured out the guy had a wife.
I hate this whole thing.  She is grasping at straws and being advised by some PR company and the whole thing stinks like last week's dinner.
I know she said it.  She said so in court. So why not just own up to it and say I came clean and I'm being as honest as I can be and be done with it.
I always enjoyed her show and I'm sorry if she doesn't get it back but Paula, we are all not as dumb as you.

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