Friday, August 30, 2013

Uninvited Guest

Someone is living in a hollow in one of our trees?
Is it this little darling?
Probably not, unless it shits quadruple its weight in a day.
Could it be this guy?
I have to say no for the same reason as above.  Too little for so much shit.
Well, we're getting closer to the right size but I don't know.  Let us just say that I am not going to be the one finding out what it is.
I have to admit to being a little creeped out.  Plus the damn thing is ruining my brand new bushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The nerve.  Does that animal not know how much I spent on those bushes?   OH, probably not. Most critters don't have a head for numbers.
When we find out what has made our home its home, I will let you know.  I hope it isn't anything too creepy.  Like a black bear or a porcupine....which were the only other two animals I could find that live in a hollowed out tree.  OMG!
You may have guessed I'm not exactly a outdoorsy kinda gal.  I'll say one thing about this critter, it is a very good housekeeper.  It shoves all its poop out of the hole and into my yard!  OMG!

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