Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Always on My Mind

I've been thinking lately about a lot of things and I have come to some conclusions.
Never dance with a cast on your leg.
Everything boils down to money.
Billionaires have a lot of ideas, they should run for office.
Firefighters should run Congress.
Summer television is dumb.
Nothing ever happens on the soaps, unless I don't watch them.
Don't eat just everything and anything you want.
Gaining is easier than losing.
Time flies.
Teenagers should not become mothers and then get their picture plastered all over the news like it's a good thing.
I love Lester Holt.
It pays to have a friend who works in a movie theater.
People can be so petty.
It all boils down to money.(I bears repeating)
Vacations are fun but you have to go home.
Kids are exuberant.
Love is all there is.

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