Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Running on Empty

Well, today should be disaster free. I only have to buy hamburger patties at the store later and that is my only assignment for today. We are taking our aunt and cousin( love them even more today) to the tea room for a ladies' lunch.
Good thing too. I am suddenly exhausted. I am not exactly sure why...my sister has done the lion's share of the preparation and work but yesterday's mess wore me out. The kitchen is all cleaned up and my husband got rid of the broken glass pan so I can put that behind me.
I have to turn my mind to our next trip--Vegas on Sunday. We are going to celebrate my nephew's 21st there and it will be fun but I do have to get ready.
I am doing laundry right now and am preparing to go to the foot doctor for some good news(I hope I hope) about my foot. I really don't want to wear this sucker to Vegas. Sorry, Arnold, but you are a pain in the a**.
Vegas is always a fun trip and we are staying at Harrah's for the first time so that will be fun too. I heard Whoopi is entertaining there on Sunday night so you never know we may see her. I don't know if my nephew is a fan or not but maybe we will just bump into her(oh, sure).
I hope our flight goes better than the last time. We were delayed for a couple of hours and that is never fun. Plus it would be kind of a bummy way to start one's birthday celebration, wouldn't it??
Anyway, we will try to find the loosest slots and maybe some electronic black jack or maybe even get brave and sit at a table. If I get rich I will report it here first...but don't hold your breath. I may have used up all my luck on our last trip when I played one hand of Black Jack and won!!!!!! I used my last chip and went home with around 90 bucks. I know, but I felt rich and LUCKY!!!!! So cross your fingers for us, I'll be thinking of you in Vegas. Might even report back if I get a chance!

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