Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Should Be Dancin'

I just watched two of the best little dancers I have ever seen. The first one was Billy Elliot in the movie of the same name. This kid was a tough Irish(I think) who was from a mining town and his dearest wish was to dance "the ballet." He danced all the time! Walking down the street, in his bedroom, at his friend's, in the studio(which also held a boxing ring). He was a sight to behold. He could throw the emotion into it too. His father was dead set against it being all macho and stuff but in the end he saw his son had talent and sent him off to The Royal Ballet School. At the end, we see Billy as a grown man doing what he was born to do. I don't know the little boy's real name as I didn't see the credits as I was in the bathroom weeping. It was a really really good movie.
Then I saw Tracy Turnblatt in Hairspray. That little chubby-ubby can dance up a storm. She faced a different kind of challenge than Billy. She was fighting against racism and weightism. She was always smiling though and always positive. She had a more creepy mother--John Travolta and as my brother in law said it was a little disconcerting to see him. Her father was played by the always creepy(to me) Christopher Walken. They were much more supportive of their daughter and in spite of the drag and the fat costume, John T. still has all the right moves.
Personally, I am not much of a dancer. Years ago, when I danced with my dad at a wedding, "Susan," he said, "A ballerina you ain't!" and he was right on!! I still love to dance and nothing, not even, my cast, stops me. I may not be Billy or Tracy but I'm no Seinfeld's Elaine either.

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