Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Down Low

I've been spending a lot of time alone with Arnold and have had plenty of time to read and watch my soaps. I haven't been in touch with many people and I haven't been at the computer a lot so I haven't been sending emails etc and have as a result not gotten many either. Which is fine for a while.
I haven't been out in the yard much either and so have not seen much of my neighbors. I hear them out in their yards weeding and cutting the grass. I feel bad since I can't get out there and do what I usually do but such is life on the down low.
I wish I could tell you I've read an important novel but I have been reading chicklit and cookbooks. None of the food sounds like something I should make( a lot of cupcake and appetizer books) so I haven't been in the kitchen either.
My workouts had been going so well but this week I haven't gone so I will be in great shape(foot wise) for the wedding we are attending on Saturday. I can't really clean house very well and I just do the minimum of laundry.
I could be working on my novel but I have taken a vacation from it as I feel I need to look at it with a somewhat fresh eye. When I read some of these books from the library, I think mine is as good or better than some. I really have to do a final edit and add a few more pages(about 50) to make it a more viable length. After all, I am not Janet Evanovich who seems to crank out about 150 pages and calls it a book. I like her books but they are becoming pretty predictable.
I won't read mysteries or romance novels any more. I have read so many of them that I always know what is going to happen and it bores me. I like an easy read for the summer too.
I'd love to do my scrapbook work but that requires going upstairs--not a great idea at this point in time.
I'm also trying not to eat too much. It is hard when you are sitting near the kitchen all day. I usually try to avoid being near the food. Sometimes I hear it calling my name but it is just yogurt or an avocado so I can resist.
So being on the down low is not too much fun. When I was working, I thought it would be grand to be in this situation. In truth, it is just boring!

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