Friday, July 11, 2008

You Gotta Have Friends

OHMYGOSH!! Poor John McCain. Yes, I really did say that. His good buddy, Senator Graham, just got through telling the country to stop being wimps, buck up and stop calling this dip in the economy a recession. This is the same guy that McCain said was the foremost expert on the economy. Whose judgement he trusted because he was, expert. Senator Graham must be one of those elitists who can afford $4 gas and whose future is secure. Otherwise he is just blind and stupid. Oh, and he said we are a nation of whiners. Well, thanks for that. Like he knows all of us. What an idiot. McCain is busy disavowing any knowledge of this guy. Can you just imagine McCain when he saw this guy on television?? "WHAAAT??" IS he nuts? My campaaaaaaaaign..................................................................................
McCain is not the only one who has a "friend." So does Obama. Now I have watched the advertisements about Barack, the only son of a single mom and how his grandparents raised him. I saw his Father's Day speech and thought he said things that need to be said about responsibility of parenthood(especially fatherhood) and now Jesse Jackson says he wants to um, de-ball him because he spoke down to blacks. REALLY?? It's wrong to say take responsibility for yourself? Does Jackson think shirking fatherhood duties is ok? Does he think that black people should accept their low paying jobs and not try for something more?? Does he think the black community should never be criticized by one of their own?? Come on, who can send those messages? Not John McCain that's for sure!!
Even Jesse Jackson Jr. is not thrilled with his father. He is a big Obama supporter and has been from the get go. Maybe old Dad is just jealous. Maybe he just wishes he was the candidate. He has apologized up and down for "trash talk" but he doesn't look all that sincere to me.
Anyway, we probably all have had a friend who let us down or criticized us behind our least most of us weren't running for office at the time!

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