Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Morning After

We are slowly coming out of our wedding hangovers and starting our day. None of us had too much to drink but the excitement and the dancing and all the visiting takes its toll. We were slow to rise and took our time eating breakfast. Our two little nieces were here so we played some YAHTZEE with them and that seemed like a chore--not playing with the girls, the thinking part--and let's face it YAHTZEE is not brain surgery!
I dragged "Arnold" out onto the dance floor with my nieces and nephews and proceeded to have an upper body work out that would rival the best aerobics class. They are all young and sweet and have so much fun together, one couldn't help but want to join in! This was the most dancingest wedding I ever went to. There was someone from every age bracket out there from the sophisticated couple who have been married for 56 years to the 8 month old in his parent's arms.
Our nieces and nephews and our own kids all are so grown up now and they have such a good relationship it is a pleasure to be around them. One has grown his first beard, one is getting ready to go all the way to N. Dakota for school, one is almost finished with college, one is getting ready to enter high school and the two littlest will be all grown up before we know it.
They were wondering who will be the next to get might be a while as they are all still young(even mine!!) and there's no hurry but that is the time they all seem to get to see one another so I understand why the subject came up.

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