Friday, July 4, 2008


It is the fourth of July and I am ready for fireworks. I have my earplugs and my ear muffs to go over them. I love the color and the lights but I HATE the noise. Nobody else in my family minds the noise so I am out there all alone. Some years I just skip the whole thing and watch some on television but this year my son is hosting a party at his new place so I have to go. Maybe they will be far enough away that I won't be bothered by the noise.
Fourth of July and the presidential race is going strong. John McCain is alluding to a bipartisan ticket for the fall. I think I know what that means---my old buddy, Joe Lieberman. Remember I said that I thought he was gone?? He isn't..I saw him the other day on television gladhanding the crowd right behind McCain. Oh say it isn't so , Joe....
The McCain campaign has been complimenting(yes, I said complimenting) the Obama campaign for coming closer to their ideas about the situation in the Middle East. I am not sure of the details but apparently Obama is visiting there soon and he has said he may reform some policies after his visit. So now McCain is saying the boy is just like me!! He must be so proud.
Speaking of McCain's, have you checked out "Cindy Lou" ( I just decided to call her that today) McCain lately?? OHMYGOSH, if she gets any thinner, a good wind will blow her right down Pennsylvania Ave. She usually wears understated clothes but she had on some kind of dress in Mexico this week!! It was a real large print in some shades of purple and I think some pink. Really, Cindy? Must we get the fashion police ready?
I hope they take today off. All the politicos are getting on my nerves and if they don't need a day off, I sure do!

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