Friday, July 18, 2008


OHMYGOSH! I just watched an old Red Skelton movie and it was really corny, corny, corny. Not that that is any kind of surprise. Remember him on television?? He was always so goofy. I don't really like him but I am passing time as I get dressed for my MRI.
Anyway, the bad guy escaped from the jail and couldn't find the judge's house where all the action was taking place and he wakes up a little black boy and it's BUCKWHEAT!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I am laughing to myself ..he'll never find it now and he asks the kid. Buckwheat smiles his famous smile and tells him how to get there in PERFECT ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't even have an accent of any kind. WHAA????????????????? I had to rerun the scene. Yup, it was really him.
SO that means either he outgrew his famous speech pattern or he was faking it all along. He was like 6 years old. He must be the world's greatest actor. He certainly has never gotten the respect or regard he deserves if he could fake that at such a young age. I'm guessing he was faking because it is really hard to outgrow a speech problem that is so pervasive and there was no speech therapy in the schools in those days that I know of. Unless the studio trained him which I guess is possible.
It just cracked me up that he was so glib so I thought I would share especially since so many of us remember Eddie Murphy's imitation of Buckwheat on SNL. Aren't you glad to know he wasn't still stuck in his childhood? I know I am. He will live on in my memory as a little rascal, but I'm glad to know that wasn't his only lot in life.
One of my husband's colleagues was telling him about a weird movie he saw in Canada called The Delicatessen. Remember the clown and the musical saw?? That's the one. Only he saw it with no subtitles--only in French. Poor man..I can't imagine what he must have thought was going on if he didn't understand any French at all. And to add salt to the wound, as he left the theater, a French journalist asked him what he thought of the movie and he had to admit he didn't even speak French. I wonder when she stopped laughing?? I bet she told her friends that story.
I sure am glad I watched it in the privacy of my own home. Whatever would I have said after seeing it?? Uh, I really liked the he was a funny really liked when the old Gramma fell down the, I know..I loved the musical saw...Now, how do you say that in French???

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Saw Lady said...

Je aime la scie musical
(that's the French for 'I loved the musical saw').
I totally agree - wierd movie, but great musical saw scenes.

All the best,

Saw Lady