Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last Comment Heard

John McCain: OMG Cindy, did you fire the hairdresser??
Barack Obama(under his breath): Shut up, old man.
Hillary Clinton: HEE HEE HEE
Sen. Graham: Whatta bunch of babies
Cindy McCain: What's wrong with my hair??? Oh, John, hold my hand the wind is blowing...HEEELLLPPP!!!!!!
Bill Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman...Huh, whatta you mean nobody cares??
Barbara Walters: Now, now girls......
John McCain: Thanks a lot Graham(under his breath...I almost missed it)
Joe Lieberman: OH,goody, goody, gumdrops
Dennis Kucinich: Could you move over, I can't see.
Sen. Graham: John, you are such a whiner.
The Author: The fun never ends!!!!!

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