Monday, July 21, 2008

The Silver Menace

Some days I should just stay in bed! Today was one of those days. My aunt and cousin are coming for a visit(I am so happy to get to spend time with them as I love them both dearly) and in an effort to help my sister out as they are staying at her home, I offered to make some breakfast goodies and some desserts for the three days.
Yesterday after we got home from Pittsburgh, my husband and I went to the grocery and I even had made a list of what I needed before I left town. We got everything(still in that wheelchair) and I was ready to start my baking marathon in the morning.
Yes, this morning..the one I should have stayed in bed on.
Anyway, first I made brownies and in cleaning up I got brownie goo all over my new kitchen towel(white as the driven snow of course) and had to put it in the wash but no big deal, right?
Sure.... Then I made lemon cookies and splashed the egg and yogurt mixture all over my pajamas and the counter(yes, I do cook in my pajamas) so I had to clean up that mess before I could continue and now I am cooking in my very wet pajamas! But I carried on to the next task and I thought I was home free. Cheese danish--no problemo. Cupcakes(all right I didn't plan these I bought the wrong box but I am flexible) done in a flash.
Took a little break to ride the stationary bike at the Y and go buy the Confectionery sugar I forgot to put on my list.(No wheelchair this time)
Came home and made a lemon glaze for the cookies--made multiple small batches so I wouldn't have another mishap..See, I do catch on eventually..........
Then I made the frosting for the cupcakes. I got the electric mixer out and it won't work. Well, I am nothing if not smart so I figured I have to push that little red button on the other outlet so it will work and I WAS RIGHT...I also forgot to turn the mixer off and so butter and cream cheese went flying all around me. On the floor! On the counter! On my workout shirt(at least it was already dirty)! On my shoes! On my face! On my glasses! I think you probably get the picture. Luckily I had only 12 cupcakes to frost.
Anyway, I got the darn things frosted, cut the brownies and the danish and got them ready to transport and I was ready.
Oops, forgot the salad. No problem, I still had plenty of time. So I got the salad spinner and was getting ready when I realized I had to transfer some things (plastic bowl, utensils from the frosting debacle) to the other side of my double sink where the glass pans from the danish and the brownies were waiting for me. Carefully, I balanced the load and I started cleaning lettuce. Things were going swimmingly until some water sloshed over to the other side of the sink( I am kind of hazy here I might have hit it with my elbow or maybe it just came down on its own--we'll never know) and smash, down came my precarious work of art!!!!!
OHMYGOSH!! I thought I broke the sink. Nope, just the bottom glass pan...Oh, crap. I had to wash all the dishes on top of it first watching carefully for glass shards and I just finished and came here to vent.
See what I mean?? I'm a menace............sometimes!!

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