Thursday, July 3, 2008

Das Boot

Arnie(my boot) and I have been having a whirlwind time. We have been so busy I don't know if I can even tell it all. You know we went to the movies and then the next day we went to the beach(I left Arnold in the car) and off to get ice cream. Then we worked out(again Arnie stayed in the car) and went to the grocery store. What thanks did I get?? My foot looked like a sausage!!

We went shopping yesterday and out to lunch. I was very aware of the potential for sausage foot so I took it easy. I sat as often as I could and my sis dropped me off right at the door and picked me up. Even so, I needed to ice my foot later. Then we went to the movies again!!! Arnie is starting to gain weight too! He is heavier by the day. I feel like I am dragging a small child around(you know how they like to cling to your leg ??)!

So to add injury to insult I need a shoe for the wedding on Saturday. Yes, just one. None of the shoes in my closet worked. They were either too low or too high or too tennis shoe. You bet I am not wearing Arnold and a tennis shoe to a wedding.....I just refuse. So I tried on shoes this morning and the girl finally found a winner. It was on sale and everything so I am pretty happy.

Wearing one shoe will be embarrassing but then what else can I do?? I had thought of wearing two shoes but after my experiences over the last couple of days I know I HAVE to wear the darn thing.

Can you just see my husband and I on the dance floor?? Neither can I!

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