Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh, Those Commercials II!

OHMYGOSH! Have you seen the ad for deodorant or shaving cream where the girl is running around the big city looking for excuses to raise her arms over her head as high as she can?? She shows them off, strokes them, shakes them around, smells them, pats them and shoves them in peoples' faces. I don't know about you but I am a shave 'em, deodorize 'em, and forget 'em kind of a girl. So when I see that add I have to admit I get a little sick to my stomach.
I get a little sick to my stomach when I see ads for food at restaurants too. They are trying to entice us to come and eat there but the food is so over the top it doesn't look appealing to me. Even steak!! My favorite.
I love the Alltell ad with the wizard's family in it though. The little baby with the white goatee cracks me up and so does the floating spoon. I hadn't really noticed that for the longest time. But not to worry, they show the ad ad nauseum so I finally saw it dangling there in mid air.
There are too many ads for the television shows they threw together for the summer. Have you seen the one with the giant balls that they are supposed to crawl over??? Or the wall with the punching things coming out of it?? Who could do that? Everybody is going to fall...I guess that is the entertaining part of it.
Or how about the Japanese host who talks to the Japanese audience on the side and says mean..Oh, I mean funny...about the American contestants?? That one is real nice. I never watched one of these shows but I have seen the ads so many times I feel like I am a viewer. I even have fast forwarded them and I still can see them in my sleep.
I am spending this summer hiding behind a book in the evenings so I don't end up watching any of this stuff. I just have to hold out a few more days and PROJECT RUNWAY will start and then a few shows I like on SCIFI will be on in the evenings too and I can poke my nose out of my latest novel for an hour or two.

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