Monday, July 7, 2008

Cash Cab

I have been watching the show Cash Cab while I work out. It is a lot like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and other shows like that but the contestants actually think they are going in a regular cab and then SURPRISE!! they are on a game show. They can make money and they get three strikes before they're out. I am always amazed at the silly trivia I know and some of the easy things I don't know.
Today there were four blond women on and they got their three strikes and he dumps them out of the cab(politely) and they all start moaning that it's the worst neighborhood!!!! It was pretty funny and I'm sure they found another cab directly.
There were also two guys who were professional eaters-- I kid you not! They did real well they made like 2400 dollars and then there was a gay couple who needed a couch and left the cab without trying to double their 1100 dollars so they could get one. They were going to go out to lunch!! The pros ate one of those giant pretzels through the whole thing and the one gay guy had all the answers while the other one decided about the money. Is that a fair division of labor or what??
I also tuned in to Robin Swoboda on the commercials. The girl is a nutjob!!! She can't stop laughing or stop herself from making terrible jokes(some at her own expense to be fair) and she tells a lot of stuff she probably shouldn't. I could empathize with that though as I probably do the same thing. She just names the names and I don't. So is there much of a difference between us? Well, she's a local celebrity and I'm not.

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