Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Left Foot

Okay, I hate my left foot. It is not getting better fast enough and so I have to get an MRI on the 18th!! That is the day before I leave for Pittsburgh for wedding #2. So I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger and I have another date. You know, this is not the first time I messed up my foot. I am pretty sure I already ranted about it so I will spare you.
Being clumsy is not all that much fun. Just ask my daughter's friend. He was on a camping trip and jumped off a cliff into the water and cut his foot, got a black eye, banged up his arm and leg and pretty much beat himself up. Everyone else did it and they were fine. I would be him.
I know he is really hurting as I fell out of bed (about 10 inches) once and I was sore and beat up for a month. I could hardly get out of bed for the first twenty four hours. My foot got tangled up in the covers and I just fell. It could happen to anyone, couldn't it?
I haven't had a black eye yet but I don't think I've dodged that bullet yet. That would be just my luck...to get all cocky about it and then it would happen.
I also cut my foot once, I walked through the glass door of our entertainment center in the middle of the night. I wish my foot had been stuck in the covers then as there were multiple wounds in the bottom of my foot and I even got some stitches. Cutting your foot is a double edge sword(pardon the pun) as it not only is an injury but it effects your ability to walk. You can do it but it isn't fun. My nephew has a cut on the bottom of his foot and he has been limping around bravely.
The funny thing about my broken foot is that it really doesn't hurt that much. It is just tired--tired beyond belief after about an hour. So you get up and feel great and think it is better and then you put on Arnold and an hour later you are ready to go back to bed. I have fought it this whole time and so far I have escaped afternoon naps. But once again, not getting cocky here...cause you never know... I may submit!

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