Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventures In Greed

That's what AIG stands for in my book. How dare this company take our money and use any of it to pay a gigantic bonus to the people who directly sent the company into the mess it is in? I'm not alone in my anger. Whoopi Goldberg practically had a coronary this morning about it. She said they shouldn't try to "bend us over" like this. SHE'S RIGHT!!
AIG should be giving back to the community instead of to its highest ranking employees. Or how about these bonuses be used for charitable donations? Or how about they get a bonus and share it among the members of their division.
I'm fully aware that none of this is going to happen. I wasn't born yesterday. I'm really, really glad I wasn't born yesterday. What kind of world are these poor kids going to inherit? I'm not just talking about the economy. These kids will be responsible for the largest group of Senior Citizens and the smallest Social Security fund in history.
The President keeps saying that this is a time for change. Well, I challenge even just one executive at AIG to refuse the bonus. You are supposed to be the best and the act like it.

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