Sunday, March 15, 2009


Boy, am I smart!!! I didn't even know how smart I was until today. I just read in the Scientific America magazine that the big revelation from some scientist in the 20th century is that we can't understand everything in our universe! Well, no duh! I've known that forever!
Here are some things I will never understand.
How people keep from driving into those big pits at the Lube Stop.
How people eat octopus.
Why Will Ferrell is famous.
That anyone finds Will Ferrell funny.
How that girl can have 14 kids.
Why people want to be on Dancing with the Stars.
How the economy really works.
Why Dennis Kucinich thinks he should be the President.
How people can hurt animals.
How microwave ovens work.
People with thick accents.
Why people laugh at videos of people getting hurt.
Why people give you the finger.
Why stuff that is bad for you tastes so good.
Why stuff that is good for you isn't all that appealing.
Why we don't have flying cars.
Why Twitter exists.
How kids get to be bullies.
Why Andy Rooney is still on tv
Why with all the tv channels, there is never anything to watch.
Why laundry never ends.
Why anyone reads the meandering thoughts of a fify-nine year old woman!!

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