Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lady and the Tramp??

My favorite Disney movie of all time is Lady and the Tramp. I loved that movie so much. I loved the music and the swaggering "Peg", the dog(voiced by the incomparable Peggy Lee) and the nastiness of the Siamese cats(also voiced by Lee). Even though Tramp was a dog I could understand his appeal--he was fun and took risks and was romantic to boot(remember the spaghetti scene?).
I also got the appeal of Lady. Misunderstood rich girl meets trampy boy. He falls hard--how could he resist a lady?? Not that he had any long term plans, mind you. He was going to use her and abuse her but guess what...he fooled around and fell in love.
Now I always thought that Lady was an innocent dupe in all of this but recently I have been looking at screensavers at Disney.com. and I have changed my mind. She is really a little minx!
The wall paper I have now is Lady and Tramp in a big heart--just their cute little doggy faces and he is looking at her adoringly. She is not looking right at him or me but down and a little over to the side..sorta the Barbie thing but shyer. She has a tiny little smile on her face and all I could think was she had the whole thing planned!!!!
That mean old Aunt was probably in on the whole thing too. She was a little extreme after all--making Lady wear a muzzle and all. Now I know it was all for dramatic effect to trap the Tramp!!
Tramp wasn't the only sucker for the Lady's wiles either. Remember Trusty(the big bloodhound) and Jock(the little Scottie)?? Trusty ran out in traffic for her and almost got killed!!
And what did he get for thanks--Lady "married" Tramp and had his brood!
So who is the user and abuser in this story? I think we all know the answer to that now!

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