Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh, Those Commercials IV

I know I am always knocking those commercials so I thought I'd do a change of pace and tell the ones I like. There aren't too many but the ones I like are gems in my opinion.
I love the ad where the kid pulls into the parking place and hits the car next to him and the old woman wails on him with her purse. She is really hammering away on him and her old old husband encourages her to get him good. What a hoot. Good to see powerful old people. It's really for some car insurance but I don't care it's just funny.
No matter what they do, I love those barbarians. I don't even know what the ads are for but they are a scream. Somebody must sit up at night thinking of things for them to get screwed up. When the guy is bathing at the gas station and the guy on the plane has that growling pet(Can't even imagine what that is) I just have to laugh. I love everything they do! Much, much better than the cavemen.
Orville Redenbacher is back in his second incarnation. I am only glad to see him because they just took out clips from the old ads and didn't try to CG his head onto another body like they sometimes do. I mean, how creepy would that be? I have to admit they did try it once but quickly got rid of that ad. It's bad enough when they do it to actors who are still living on their own bodies, isn't it?
I'm also enjoying the new PC kid. She is very sophisticated(she's all of 7) and knows (as my son was kind enough to point out) more than I do about computers. He's right. I got laughing about how I could send an email or write in this space and tell everyone on my ad that I was 59 and I'm a PC! Somehow I don't think they will be hiring me any time soon. Oh, well, another career opportunity down the drain.
Ads during the day and the ones at night are so different from each other sometimes my husband sees an ad and thinks it's new and I've seen it one hundred times! He's like me; he loves those little PC girls because they are so adorable...... Hey wait a minute, so am I...think I'll go apply for that job after all!

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