Thursday, March 5, 2009

All A-Twitter

I am hearing more and more about twittering. I don't really get it but I am determined to do it. If I am right, I can twitter from here at my desk. Some twitter from their phone. I won't do that --my phone is not fancy enough.(i.e. I have no texting capabilities)
Lots of famous people twitter. Jane Fonda(now 71 years old) does. Ashton Kutcher and his wife do. Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton do too.( They are from StarTrek: The Next know, the one with Capt Jean-Luc Picard)
Not so famous people twitter too. My daughter does. My sister does. Some of my daughter's friends twitter too. One of her friends even got in trouble for using Twitter. Isn't that something? Somebody got in trouble with something I know nothing about. Well, something legal. There is probably a lot of stuff I know nothing about but I assume they are not legal.
Even the President twitters. Actually, some one does it for him..the official Twitterer, I guess.
The nicest Twittee I've heard about is Shaq. Apparently, he does it from the bench and when he is out and about. He even lets fellow Twitterers approach him in public and talks to them and everything.
You can network while Twittering and you can tell someone you are doing your laundry or eating a turkey sandwich. I am not sure why anyone would want to know those things..but they may be vitally important to some.
I don't know exactly what you call somebody who Twitters. I tried Twitterer but that's a mouthful--it's even hard to read! Twittee seemed ok. I know for sure you better not call them Twits because that isn't very nice. My daughter said something about Tweeting, but I don't think I can call any body a Tweeter without laughing. Calling someone a Woofer couldn't be far behind.
Anyway, you can get followed on Twitter too. 52 people follow my daughter. I'm not sure if I'm proud or worried! What is she doing that is so fascinating to so many people?? I am a little nervous about trying it as I'm not sure anyone would want to follow me. I mean, why would they?? My life is going to the grocery store, going out to lunch, going shopping...well, maybe it's not that bad after all!!
So to Tweet or not to Tweet is the question of the day?? Will I or won't I...only time will tell.

PS You should have seen all the highlights that the spellchecker picked up!!! It must "think" I am nuts!

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