Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Night Sweetheart

I really don't like it when we have to "spring ahead." The time change always does me in. Last night I went to bed at my usual time. This morning I got up at almost 10:00. I feel like the day is shot when I get up that late.
Before you know it, it's noon and then 3 and then time to make dinner and then time to go to bed. The day seems to rush by faster than a speeding bullet. I wish I could say it only happens on the first day of DST but it goes on for about a week. I'll be dragging my can around like I am in a daze.
I don't think I got over the lack of sleep from vacation and now this happens! I had no idea this was the weekend of the change. If my sister hadn't mentioned it I would have been really taken by surprise and that would have been nothing but bad.
I don't really sleep all that well anyway. I wake up at the slightest noise( left over from when the kids were little, no doubt) and my husband snores like a freight train at times. Then I sleep on the couch. Not the coziest of beds but at least I sleep.
I also have a pretty active dream life. I don't always remember them but I know I enjoy them while they are happening. For a while, I dreamt I was redecorating a house with my husband. It had a sunken living room with a baby grand piano and we painted the dining room together. There was a pool out back and if you kept walking you came to the beach. Those were good dreams and I still don't know why I had them. For a while, I was convinced I would see that house when we were driving around but I never did.
I used to dream about being absent from gym class or forgetting to study for a test but those went away after I retired from teaching. Those used to scare me more than nightmares. I guess those were my nightmares. Gym(when I had to go) was a living nightmare as I recall.
Most nights I sleep around nine hours....if you don't count the time it takes to fall back asleep after peeing twice or three times a night. Then it is probably around 8 and a half.
I hardly ever have insomnia but the last time I did I worked on my book and watched some dumb Johnny Depp movie that started at 4 am and I finally fell asleep until my husband got up around 6am.
Sleep may be overrated but it seems we all covet it. I heard you are supposed to sleep less as you get older but so far that hasn't been true for me. Some days I think I could sleep all day and then go back to bed at night. I love sleeping. I love dreaming.
I hate getting up in the morning. If I wake up any time after 9 am I always bolt out of bed and admonish myself for sleeping so late. For heaven's sake, where do I think I have to be?? My volunteer job is over and I have no early morning plans(I'm no dummy). I think it is just that old work ethic from all those years of teaching.
I know some people say you can sleep when you're dead, but I am all for sleep while we are here on Earth. It's pretty nice and when you go without it, it's pretty awful. We tried that on vacation and it was tough. I felt somewhat braindead from lack of sleep. Well, I sure made up for it last night!

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