Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shall We Dine??

We went out to dinner last night at a real restaurant where you sit down and everything..on a Friday night. It was the second time this week that we were out to dinner. On Monday, our son took us to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. But on Friday!! Like a date!!
Well, my husband had to work late as he is on call this weekend and got one just as he was about to leave the office. I hadn't eaten much during the day and for lunch I only had a specialty coffee and a cookie with my sister.(We hardly ever do that but it is FUN)
By the time we got to the restaurant I was starving and we had to WAIT!!!!! I forgot you have to do that sometimes. There were no free tables and we sat on a really comfy couch waiting our turn for about 15 minutes which seemed like an eternity to me.
When we got our table the waitress brought rolls right away so I dove in. I never never eat bread in a restaurant--well, hardly ever. I ate two before our drinks came. I ate one with dinner and one after dinner. I was starving, remember??
I also had a lobster tail and homemade potato chips. It was yummy but not as good as that bread! What is it that sometimes bread just is the thing?? I am still thinking about the bread with longing. I wish I had some for breakfast.
Wait! I think I know why I am still jonesing for bread. It was more like cake. You all might remember that I am a cake hound. The plain little rolls were so soft and melt in your mouth and the cheesy biscuits were a little sweet as well as tangy. The texture of both of them was like cake! No wonder I want some for breakfast--my whole family knows that cake is the breakfast of champions!!

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