Friday, March 13, 2009


We are hearing a lot about money these days. Personally, I hate money. I worried for years about it and had a 25 year stomach ache over it. I wish you never had to think about money but you do. I try to put it in perspective now. I have enough(just) and it is all right.
I saw a man on the news yesterday who had a six figure income and suddenly lost his job, then his home and now he lives in a RV...on the street somewhere in California. I guess he couldn't save money while he was pulling down those six figures but if it was only 100,000 then in California, that isn't that much when you consider the cost of real estate out there.
I saw another man who gave each of his employees(in a small pharmacy) 700 dollars each in 2 dollar bills to spend in the community. The only rule was they had to spend it locally. That money made so many people happy. The piece showed one business owner showing off how many 2 dollar bills she had. You never saw anyone so excited and just over a few 2 dollar bills! That gesture not only helped the local economy but it also helped the local morale.
Another man I saw was buying skates at garage sales in his hometown and was giving them to kids who needed skates and just couldn't afford it. Since kids grow, the family just gave them back when the kids outgrew them and could borrow another pair. The man said he found them for 25 cents or so and he couldn't stand them going to waste in other people's garages. By word of mouth, the thing got going and he has a garage full of skates in all sizes. At first, I thought that it was a silly thing but they lived in Maine and I guess there is not much else to do during the long winters.
I try to spread the wealth a little too. This year I am only giving to one charity... the food bank. I can't stand the idea of people not having enough to eat right in my own community. I always give to them but this year they will get all the money I usually give to other charities. I know all charities are suffering but what is more important than food??? Ok,housing too. I will send a couple of checks to Habitat for Humanity too. But most of it is going to the foodbank and that's that.
I still hate money. There are a lot of songs about money from Pennies from Heaven to Money for Nothing and the Chicks are four year old daughter's favorite song!! Personally, I always liked Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Lucky for me, the answer to that is Yes, I can and it's going to the foodbank!

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